Are you struggling to recruit quality staff?

Essential Skills Training and Recruitment has developed streamlined recruitment programs for employers who are looking for quality staff to bring into their organisation. These programs give people looking for work in community services, the skills and knowledge they need to show employers their potential and why they are a good fit for their organisation.

How are these programs different to traditional processes?

The beauty of these programs and why they are so successful is that you get to see participants in action before offering them a position in your organisation. Traditional recruitment you rely on their performance in an interview and the references from strangers to make your decision. And if you find yourself in a position where you have to hire people without any prior experience in community services with these program you know they have been given the basic skills and knowledge required to be a positive contribution to your team.

Another big difference is we do all the hard work and we assist you to apply for Government funding to cover the cost of the program. In these programs Essential Skills will do the advertising, handle enquiries, organise the recruitment session, select program participants (with your input), liaise with participants, conduct police checks, organise and deliver training, liaise with you to organise work experience placements, debrief with you and the participants through out the program, assist you to select those participants you wish to employ, organise traineeships for your new staff (if applicable). The only cost to your organisation is a seek advertisement. How good is that!

What’s involved in the recruitment programs?

Our recruitment programs are developed specifically around the employer recruiting at the time. Programs can be from 4 up to 8 weeks, they include accredited face to face training and an unpaid work experience placement with the employer. This gives participants the opportunity to firstly see if this is the right career for them and for the employer to see if the participant is the right fit for their organisation. Even though this is a recruitment program we do not guarantee employment for every participant, this is at the discretion of the employer and the performance of the participant.

Those successful participants that are offered employment we encourage the employer to sign their new staff members up into a new entrant traineeship to complete the reminder of their CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support. This way employers will end up with qualified staff and can take advantage of payroll tax exemptions and traineeship incentive payments.

Approved recruitment programs are subsidised by the NSW government.

For participants to be eligible for this program they must;

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online training

Do you need to brush up on your complex care knowledge? Essential Skills has a range of online topics that have been developed in line with the NDIS skill descriptors and aged care standards.