The Death, Dying, Diagnosis and Doulas Podcast with Julie Fletcher

This podcast is for anyone and everyone who wants to talk about this thing called death and dying, which let’s face it, will happen to us all. We just don’t know exactly when. The conversations are deep, meaningful and impactful. Julie brings together people who use their time and skills, in many different ways, to help, guide and support people and their friends and family at end-of-life and to prepare for this important part of life.

preparing the way

Episode 1

Julie speaks with Helen Callanan
Helen is a working end-of-life doula and the founder of Preparing The Way. She provides specialised training for people who want to work as end-of-life doulas. We talk everything doula related. 

end of life doula

Episode 2

Julie speaks with Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Kylie is an integrative medicine GP and founded The Centre for Health and Wellbeing. She has a medical and science degree and works closely with people to get bodies back into balance. We talk about health, wellbeing, diagnosis and dying.

Episode 3

Julie speaks with Yvette Tarrant
Yvette works with people to support them to grow and evolve after crisis and loss so that they can thrive and prosper. We talk about Yvette’s personal experience with the diagnosis and death of her husband and discuss strategies that will help people to navigate their way through circumstances like this.

Episode 4

Julie Speaks with Kat Barlow

Kat is the founder of Empowerment Ethos. She is an empowerment strategist, the mum of a child with a disability and she works with families to help them to live a life without limits and to find joy in the ‘what is rather than what should have been’. We talk about her personal experience and her work with parents whose children have life-limiting diagnosis. 

Episode 5

Julie speaks with Dr Merran Cooper

Merran is a medical doctor and physio. Touchstone Lifecare is on a mission to make end-of-life planning o positive and powerful journey and so we discuss advance care plans. We talk about the importance of end-of-life planning and why everyone needs to consider preparing.

Episode 6

Julie speaks with Libby Moloney

Libby Moloney is a holistic funeral director and the founder of Natural Grace. She provides natural, culturally sensitive, family led funeral care. Natural Grace offers profoundly healing, moving and empowering ceremonies and experiences. We talk about all things related to death and funerals. 

Episode 7

Julie speaks with Tracey McMillan

Tracey is the CEO of Forge Legal and the creator of the No Lawyers platform. She has worked as a barrister, mediator and arbitrator. Wills and estates is one of the areas her firm works in and we talk about why it’s important to get your legal stuff sorted and hear some interesting stories.

sally cant

Episode 8

Julie speaks with Sally Cant

Sally is a civil celebrant and a ritual maker and a published author. She is the owner of  The Celebrants’ Training College and a board member of The Groundswell Project. We talk about the importance of ceremony, funerals and memorials. 

Episode 9

Julie speaks with Janne Sverdloff

Janne is an end-of-life doula and a celebrant. We talk about ceremony and her important work with Sands Australia, which provides support when a baby dies before, during or soon after birth. 

dementia doulas

Episode 10

Julie speaks with Wendy Hall

Wendy is the founder of Dementia Doulas International. She has had a long career in health and aged care services. Her goal is to shift ideas about barriers to dementia care and influence the palliative care space. She doesn’t want people to go it alone. We talk about dementia from different perspectives and offer some tools and guidance. 

If you are interested in End of Life Doula Training check out our 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services qualification. This qualification is delivered in partnership with Preparing The Way.