CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support is ideal for those looking for a Aged Care course or Disability course to start their career in community services. Work involves using discretion and judgement in relation to individual support as well as taking responsibility for own outputs. Workers have a range of factual, technical and procedural knowledge, as well as some theoretical knowledge of the concepts and practices required to provide person-centred support.

To achieve this qualification must complete at least 120 hours of work in an aged care, home and community, disability or community service organisation.

Individual Support

Career opportunities can include:

Classroom – Training delivered face-to-face in the traditional classroom environment.


Targeted at those who are looking to start their career in the Aged Care, Home and Community Care or Disability industry with an entry level Aged Care course or Disability course.

This Part-Time CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support program is delivered over 22 weeks. You will attend face-to-face workshops here at our Warabrook Training Facility, 2 days per week and will be required to complete 2 blocks of work experience placement totalling 135 hours (unpaid) in your nominated area of choice i.e., Aged Care or Disability.  

Essential Skills Training and Recruitment will arrange the work experience placement(s) for you. Workplace experience gives you the hands-on learning to practice the knowledge and skills you learnt in the training environment and provide you with an opportunity to showcase yourself to employers, giving you the best chance to secure employment at the end of the course. Click here for more information about work experience placement requirements.  Whilst there may be job opportunities available, Essential Skills Training and Recruitment does not guarantee employment.

Commencement Dates – 7th February 2023 & 18th July 2023.

Employment Based

Targeted at those already employed in an Aged Care, Home and Community Care or Disability Service Provider in a role that involves direct client support.  This Aged Care course / Disability course will reinforce your current skills and knowledge and build upon those foundations to take your career to the next level.

This CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support program is delivered over 12-15 months (depending on what elective stream you choose), with 1 face-to-face workshop per month, here at our Warabrook training facility for the duration of the course. The required 120 hours of compulsory work experience can be achieved through your current employment in a direct client support role.  

Commencement Dates:
(Ageing) – 9th February 2023, 27th April 2023, 28th June 2023, 13th September 2023, 2nd November 2023.
(Disability) – 31st January 2023, 6th April 2023, 19th July 2023, 18th September 2023, 23rd November 2023.

The course entry requirements for this course will vary depending on which program you are enrolling into. Overall, to gain entry into this course you must;

If enrolling in the Employment Based Program you must also;

If enrolling in the Part-Time Jobseeker Program you must also;

There are 13 units to complete. 7 Core units and 6 Elective units. Where appropriate, electives may be selected to be awarded a qualification with an Ageing or Disability specialisation.

For a list of available units, please download the course brochure. Please note that any pre-scheduled programs will have set electives.

The price for this qualification will vary and is based upon specific eligibility requirements for government subsidies available at the time of your enrolment, that can contribute to the overall course cost. We will determine your eligibility for any subsidies available as part of our pre-training review process. You will be issued with a quote detailing your exact course fee before your enrolment is finalised.

Full course cost – $4,000
NSW Smart and Skilled Subsidised – $0 up to $1,750
VIC Skills First

* Payment plans are available

Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments

On application of enrolment, you will complete a Pre-Training Review interview with one of our Customer Relationships Officers and an online Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LLN). The purpose of this process is to; ensure that this course is both appropriate, and the most suitable course option for you, determine if there is any additional support required to assist you with your training, and what Government subsidies (if any) might be available for you to access. You will then be sent a link to complete the enrolment form and student declaration to finalise your enrolment.

Please note: The LLN assessment is an online quiz and is not suitable for completion on mobile phones. You should allow 30mins – 1hr to complete the LLN assessment.

We are unable to enrol international students at this time.

The courses we have scheduled are listed below. You can apply by clicking either the ‘Enquire’ or ‘Apply’.

Please note: You will not be charged any fees until we have been able to assess your eligibility for funding. A $0 amount will be shown in the online application. The Customer Relationships Officer will provide you with a quote for your course fee as part of the Pre-Training Review process. On acceptance of the quote, a deposit will be required to finalise your enrolment. 


This course has been superseded and is currently in a teach out period. Essential Skills Training and Recruitment can only deliver this qualification up until the 21st November 2023. If you decide to enrol in this qualification, you need to be aware that if you don’t complete it before 21st November 2023 you will need to transition to the updated qualification where there are additional requirements. The additional requirements will depend on what units of competency you are enrolled in and how these have changed within the updated qualification. We will work with you to minimise the impact of transitioning to the new qualification as much as possible, however you may be required to complete some additional units and gap assessments which are designed to bring your knowledge in line with that of the new qualification. Click here for more information.

Certificate III in Individual Support – (Ageing)

Upcoming Courses

There are currently no openings available for this course.  

Certificate III in Individual Support – (Disability)

Upcoming Courses

There are currently no openings available for this course.  

On completion of your Aged Care course or Disability course, you may like to further your education and job prospects by completing any of the following qualifications.

CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is the age requirement for the program?

We recommend that students enrolling in this qualification are at least eighteen years of age.
Students aged 15 – 17 may be accepted after an interview with ESTR and with their parents’

Is a criminal record check required for enrollment?

Yes, if you are enrolling in the Part-Time Jobseeker Program, you must undergo a Criminal Record Check (CRC) before attending work placement. ESTR will arrange the CRCs.

Are vaccinations required to attend classes?

Yes, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in accordance with public health orders and individual community services organisational requirements, and provide evidence of vaccination, i.e., a COVID-19 Digital Certificate or an Immunisation History Statement. Additionally, you must have received the latest Influenza (Flu) Vaccination before the work experience placement.

What is the physical fitness requirement for enrolment?

You must be reasonably physically fit, as the role may involve various tasks that require physical activity, such as providing direct personal care, including showering, transferring, and assisting clients with mobility and a range of other manual handling tasks.

What is the difference between the chc33015 Core and Elective Units?

The Core Units are essential for all students, while the Elective Units allow students to specialise in either Ageing or Disability.

How many hours do I need to complete to be eligible for a Certificate/diploma/degree?

120 hours of direct client support are required to complete this qualification. If you are
undertaking the Part-Time Jobseeker program 135 hours are required due to no previous
experience in the industry.

Can I pick my electives?

Yes, you can choose your electives as long as they are relevant to either Ageing or Disability. However, it is important to note that any pre-scheduled programs will have set electives.

online training

Do you need to brush up on your complex care knowledge? Essential Skills has a range of online topics that have been developed in line with the NDIS skill descriptors and aged care standards.