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We have a robust training program that brings new and excited workers into the community services sector. Participants are given the opportunity to shine with local employers in pursuit of quality staff.


Supporting Communities Through Education

We specialise in providing training and assessment in Aged, Disability and Community Services.


Supporting communities through education is our purpose and quality is our focus. We have highly experienced trainers and a responsive admin team that take support to the next level.

Our mission, with the help of like-minded employers, is to lift the standard of support and service delivery in community services. This will be done through training existing staff in best practice and empowering them to make change in their own environment.

We support the industry through recruiting a new workforce that is equipped with the skills, knowledge and passion to provide a quality experience for their clients.

If you want to live our purpose with us, call our office on (02) 4961 0016 or send us an email at

Let’s make the change we want to see.


We can assist you to identify and access available funding opportunities to support your training.



Practical Dignity (Dignity Part 2)

Practical Dignity (Dignity Part 2)

How To Create A Culture Of Dignified Care In Every Care Context.   We all know dignity is the central pillar to person-centred practice. The problem is that if we’re not intentional, talking about dignity can be limited to just that – talk…and we can get stuck when it comes to the realm of action.… Continue Reading

Dignity (Part 1)

Dignity (Part 1)

What is the no.1 most overlooked thing in aged and community care? Dignity.   There – I didn’t even make you work for it! It might be the biggest thing that gets overlooked in aged and community care, but dignity is one of those words that doesn’t always mean a whole lot to us in… Continue Reading

Ethical dilemma’s facing the Disability Services Industry.

Ethical dilemma’s facing the Disability Services Industry.

  Are you even qualified to do this? Imagine your next visit to the GP. During the examination you hold up your hand and enquire, “Sorry, but have you got a medical degree?” As if, right? But this is exactly the dilemma facing the Disability Industry today. It’s one of the few remaining care industry… Continue Reading

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