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Essential Skills Training & Recruitment is committed to providing high quality vocational education and training. We specialise in training for the community services sector, delivered by our passionate and dedicated trainers.

In this handbook you will find information about our policies and training and assessment procedures.

If you have questions about any aspect of your training, please call or email our office and we will assist you with your enquiry.

Student Handbook

It is essential that you have the language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) skills to allow for successful participation in and completion of your chosen qualification. The Australian Core Skills Framework (ASCF) identifies five core skills as essential for participating effectively in the workplace and education sector. These five skills are:

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral communication
  • Numeracy

LLN requirements for successful completion vary from qualification to qualification. Part of Essential Skills Training and Recruitment’s enrolment process is to determine your current LLN capabilities compared to the benchmarks required for the successful completion of the qualification. You will be provided with a link to complete an online LLN assessment as part of the pre-training review process. If there are any gaps identified between your current LLN capabilities and the course benchmarks, we will look at what support we can provide to help you develop your skills to the required level or may suggest an alternative course suitable to your current skill level.  Please note, Essential Skills Training and Recruitment will also take into consideration your previous study when assessing your LLN capabilities.

Outlined below are the ACSF benchmarks for each qualification. Our entry level is a level below the ACSF level, therefore where students are at the entry level, rather than the course level, additional support will be offered around those core skills.

BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management




BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management




CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services




CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support




CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services




CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support




CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability




CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure and Health




CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services




10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services




ESTR is committed to providing students access to flexible learning options to accommodate their diverse and varying learning styles and needs, whether its completely online or a blended learning approach i.e. a combination of both online/distance learning and face-to-face training in the classroom or remotely in the virtual classroom environment.

ESTR provides a quality online learning environment using the aXcelerate eLearning Portal for selected qualifications. You will access your virtual classroom links (if applicable), learning resources and submit your assessments through the portal.

Digital Literacy Skills and Access to Technology

To undertake online or blended learning you need to have the required digital literacy skills and access to the technology needed to successfully undertake your course in the online/digital learning environment. As part of the Enrolment Application Pre-Training Review process, we will assess your level of digital literacy and access to technology by asking you to undertake a Digital Literacy Self-Assessment Quiz.

If you are considering enrolling in an Online or Blended Learning delivery program, please refer to our Online and Blended Learning Delivery Service Standards. This outlines the minimum digital literacy skills and technology requirements needed to successfully undertake your chosen course in the online/digital learning environment and also explains our commitment to you in key areas.

If you enrol in a Full-Time or Recruitment Program that includes a work experience placement, you must be aware of the following requirements;

  • ESTR will arrange the work experience placement and it is an unpaid placement.
  • You will need to obtain all of the relevant pre-placement checks prior to commencing the work experience placement. These can include; – Criminal Record Check, Working with Children’s Check, NDIS Workers Screening Check, Current Influenza vaccination and COVID-19 Vaccination. ESTR will advise you of the specific checks you will require for your specific work experience placement.
  • As mandated by the Government’s Public Health Order, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to undertake a work placement in an aged care facility or in home and community care or disability services settings. ESTR will only accept fully vaccinated students into our programs. After consultation with our supporting industry organisations, medical exemptions for COVID vaccinations will not be accepted for students undertaking courses with us that require a work placement. This business decision has been made to ensure all students who enrol with us will have the opportunity to complete their placement hours to meet the requirements of their course.
  • ESTR does not guarantee employment from a work experience placement.

Further information about work experience placements can be found in the Student Handbook.

UPDATE: From 2022 the eligible criteria for the NSW JobTrainer – Skilling for Recovery funding has been extended to people that are currently employed. You will also be able to receive fee free training in the following priority qualifications;

  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability

Call our office for more information on this funding and your eligibility on (02) 49610 016. You will also need to meet the basic eligibility requirements set out at the bottom of the page (marked with *)


The NSW JobTrainer program – Skilling for Recovery is supporting vocational training and skills development across NSW.

The program offers fee-free options to boost skills with full and part qualification course options.

‘Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments’.

All of our full accredited qualifications are currently available under the Skilling for Recovery program. Please see the individual course pages for more information on available programs. 

People undertaking training must meet the Smart and Skilled eligibility criteria and fit into at least one of the categories below:

  • a young person aged 16-24 at the commencement of training, regardless of employment status, including Year 12 school leavers
  • Commonwealth Government welfare benefit recipients
  • an unemployed person
  • an employed person who is expected to become unemployed (e.g. companies in declining industries, people whose employment is conditional on immediately undertaking work relevant training, workers who have been stood down or furloughed).
  • A Veteran
  • A Veteran’s Recognised Partner (includes Spouse, Recognised De-facto or Ex-Spouse/Recognised De-facto)

*Eligible participants will also need to be:

  • living in NSW or working in NSW
  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder
  • no longer at school.

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government program which assists individuals to access reduced cost training.

Visit the Smart and Skilled website for more information:

Essential Skills Training & Recruitment is approved to deliver the following qualifications under the smart and skilled program.

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Smart and Skilled Information

Contact our office if you would like to enrol and we will forward you the appropriate enrolment documentation.

Smart and Skilled Course Information

For more information about course availability and funding eligibility for Smart and Skilled courses please contact;
Leisa Harrison, CEO
(02) 4961 0016

Through training, especially full qualifications, you can not only increase your skills and knowledge but often you can move into a new role or take on more or new responsibilities.

Click on an industry below to discover potential career opportunities:

Career Pathway – Aged Care
Career Pathway – Disability
Career Pathway – Community Care

If you are enrolled into any nationally recognised accredited training with Essential Skills you will be required to provide us with your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a government issued reference number made up of numbers and letters. This gives students access to their USI account where they can see all of their training results from all providers including all completed training units and qualifications from the 1st January 2015.

The USI will make it easier for students to find and collate their VET achievements into a single authenticated transcript. It will also ensure that students’ VET records are not lost.

You can apply for a USI by going to and following the prompts or you can ask Essential Skills Training and Recruitment (ESTR) to apply on your behalf. If you would like ESTR to apply on your behalf you will be required to complete the USI privacy statement and supply us with identification. Contact our office for a copy of the application form.
All students will be required to supply ESTR with their USI before their certificate or Statement of Attainment can be issued.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a form of assessment that assesses the skills, knowledge and experience that you already have. Previous training, formal and informal, work experiences and non-employment experiences such as community work, can be assessed. Your skills and knowledge will be matched against the program in which you are enrolled.

You should make your application for RPL on enrolment but you can apply at any time. If you would like to apply please request and RPL application from our office or download a copy below.

Recognition of Prior Learning can reduce the duration of the course and cost involved. This will be discussed with the student on a case by case basis.

Recognition of Prior Learning Application

Essential Skills Training & Recruitment recognises qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs. Credit Transfer (CT) recognises matching or equivalent unit codes completed in prior nationally endorsed qualifications.

If you have completed units that are similar or that have been superseded and are not recognised as equivalent then that evidence can be used toward Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

You will need to complete the application and submit a certified copy of the document for it to be processed. We ask that you apply for credit upon enrolment to ensure you do not complete the units again as part of your qualification.

You should make your application for credit on enrolment but you can apply at any time. If you would like to apply please request and Credit Transfer application from our office or download a copy below.

Credit Transfer Application

Fees will vary depending on whether you are enrolling in a subsidised course, or whether you are paying Fee-for-Service (non-subsidised training). Please refer to the course brochure in the courses section for full fee information.

On enrolment. you will be provided with a quote for your total course fees. Your total course fee will be invoiced according to our standard payment fee structure unless you have made alternative arrangements via a payment plan. Please refer to the Student Handbook for our standard payment structure and more detailed information regarding fees and refunds.

  • The Enrolment Fee is required to be paid on enrolment to cover administrative and resource costs.
  • If your Student Fee is calculated as $0.00, your course is Fee-Free, and you will not be required to make a payment for your chosen course.
  • If your Student Fee is below $500 then full payment will be required on enrolment unless you have made alternative arrangements with ESTR.
  • If you are enrolling in a Diploma level qualification, you will be invoiced for the enrolment and administration fees as outlined in the table above, however your remaining course fees will be invoiced over (4) instalments over the first (10) months of your course. Agreed dates for payments will be finalised with you at the time of the confirmation of your enrolment.
  • Essential Skills Training and Recruitment cannot accept more than $1,000 upfront from any individual student. This complies with our financial management policy to ensure fee protection for our students.
  • All fees collected will be retained by Essential Skills Training & Recruitment.


Payment plans are available.  This is to be discussed with Essential Skills Training and Recruitment on enrolment.


Refund policy

  • If a program is cancelled by Essential Skills Training and Recruitment, all fees paid in advance will be refunded in full.
  • If formal notice of a withdrawal of at least 3 days before commencement of training, ESTR will refund any fees paid in advance.
  • If given formal notice a withdrawal within 3 days of the commencement of training and receipt of materials. ESTR will refund fees paid in advance less; The enrolment and commencement fee of $500 for full qualifications, 20% of the total course fee for skills sets, single units or non-accredited training, Or you may choose for the money paid to be held in credit for future programs, less the admin and commencement fee.
  • Under normal circumstances, no refunds will be given after the commencement of a program, unless the you can provide a medical certificate or show extreme hardship. In these cases, fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis or reduced to cover our costs for course materials, postage etc.


To apply for a refund, please complete and submit a  ESTR Refund Request Form. If you are dissatisfied with a refund decision, you can submit a formal complaint, which will be reviewed by the CEO. See complaints and appeals below

Any client dissatisfied with any program or activity related to the provision of training and assessment services has the right to submit a complaint. A form will be emailed or posted to you on request. All complaints will be actioned within 7 days of receipt.

Once a written complaint is received, the complaint will be reviewed by Essential skills management and you will be contacted to try to resolve the issue. If you are still unhappy it will be escalated to the CEO who will contact you to discuss further options for resolution.
The outcome shall be communicated in writing to the person making the complaint.

If you feel that no satisfactory solution has been reached, you can refer the complaint to an external body such as ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).

Any fees associated with an external appeal will be at the complainant’s expense.
Resolution may be by any of the following:

  • No further action;
  • Written / verbal apology;
  • Refund of any money paid;
  • Provision of the same course at no cost;
  • Provision of the same course with another provider at no cost.


ESTR Complaints Form

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Any student dissatisfied with an assessment decision has the opportunity to submit an appeal. Before making a written appeal we ask that you first contact your assessor in an attempt to understand the decision.

If you are still not happy, you are entitled to lodge an Appeals form. This form will be emailed or posted to you on request or you can use the link below. The form needs to be received by us within 14 days of the initial notification of the assessment result.

Once a written appeal is received, the management team will work with you to try to resolve the issue. You will be issued a written response within 7 days of your appeal being received.

If you are still not satisfied it will be escalated to the CEO and another registered provider may be asked to arbitrate and reassess if necessary or you can lodge a complaint with ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).
An appeal can be resolved by any of the following means:

  • No further action;
  • Reassessment by the original assessor
  • Reassessment by another assessor.

ESTR Assessment Appeal Form