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This qualification is designed as an entry level pathway as a community service worker for those positions where you would be the first point of contact such as front desk etc where you would be providing the immediate assistance and guidance to the appropriate person. this entry level positions are supervised roles and are an ideal start for someone looking into a community services administration role.

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This course is a level entry course for those that are seeking a career in general support services in health services. This course is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge of the domestic requirements in the health sector. Choose from a range of electives designed to suit your work role including: general (multi-skilled); cleaning services; food services; laundry services and domestic client support.

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This qualification is ideal for people looking at starting a career in the administration field. This qualification can apply to a range of administrative roles in varied contexts. Individuals in these positions use some discretion and judgement and may provide technical advice and support to a team.

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This qualification is designed for individuals looking for supporting participants/clients. This course provides the skills and knowledge to support and provide person-centred services. Work may include day-to-day support of individuals in community settings or support the implementation and delivery of specific community-based programs. At this level, work takes place under the direction of others and supervision may be direct or indirect. Work may take place in a range of community services organisations.

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With the ageing population and the forever changing legislation the Certificate III in individualised Support is a qualification suitable for those currently working in the community sector that want to upgrade to the most current training package, or not yet qualified or to the individual that is looking for a career in caring and supporting people with a disability, ageing or in the home and community sector. This qualification provides you with the skills and knowledge to provide personal care, understand technical requirements within the community sector and person centred support plus practical work placement requirements. This is a great start to great career opportunities.

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This Qualification can offer you a broad range of work environments within the health and aged care industry. It has a strong emphasis of providing you with the skills and knowledge in a number of selected areas where you can specialised in laundry, cleaning or food, or choose a range of different units to gain an overall skills base in all areas.

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This qualification is ideal for individuals who are seeking a career in catering where they will have the ability to gain the skills and knowledge and use a range of cookery skills in a commercial cookery environment where using discretion and judgement, they will have to work with some independence and under limited supervision using plans, policies and procedures to guide work activities.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in various catering settings, such as hospitals and aged care facilities, sporting and entertainment venues, hotel banqueting departments, cook–chill production kitchens, and mobile catering businesses of varying size.

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This qualification is designed for individuals who use well-developed administrative skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of administrative contexts. This can be for individuals looking at upskilling or seeking opportunity for career advancement or someone looking at career opportunities in a more complex administrative role such as a personal assistance, Office manager, payroll Clerk. They apply solutions to a range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources.

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This qualification is for individuals looking at progressing into team leader/supervisor roles or seeking a career in management. This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to lead, support and empower your team whilst also being able to organise and monitor their performance and workload. Ideal for a diverse range of industries where team leader/ management is required.

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This qualification is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to create and establish a small business. After completion the aim is to be able to have the skills to efficiently run a small business, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources, provide leadership and guidance to others.

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This course is suitable for community service workers who design and deliver person-centred services to individuals and/or groups. Workers may provide support, advocacy or interventions to individual clients, groups or communities across a range of services.
At this level, workers may be unsupervised with limited responsibility within established parameters. They may be required to supervise and lead other workers in projects or teams. Work may take place in a range of community service, case work or case management contexts.

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This qualification is suited to support workers who complete specialised tasks and functions in aged services; either in residential, home or community based environments. It is ideal for someone seeking a career in a supervisor's/ team leader's role and is seeking the skills and knowledge to manage a team effectively.

Workers will take responsibility for their own performance within defined organisation guidelines and maintain quality service delivery through the development, facilitation and review of individualised service planning and delivery.

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This course suits workers in a range of community settings and clients’ homes, who provide training and support to empower people with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence, self-reliance, community participation and wellbeing.
Workers promote a person-centred focus, working without direct supervision and may be required to supervise and/or coordinate a small team.

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This qualification is suited to workers participating or looking at working in the design, implementation and evaluation of leisure, health activities and programs for clients. This qualification provides you with the skills and knowledge to identify what is required to develop and implement a suitable program that can meet a diverse range of client needs and provides you with the mechanisms to support those high dependent clients where applicable.
Workers may be in residential facilities and/or in community agencies and day centres, completing specialised tasks and functions in relation to leisure and health.

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This qualification is designed to provide the skills and knowledge to the individual to be able to provide therapeutic and program related support to allied health professionals. This qualification will provide you with a career under Supervision which may be direct, indirect or remote and must occur within organisation requirements. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge to be engaged to work in a specialty area or work generically across an organisation in delivery of allied health assistance services. At this level and in conjunction with the allied health professional, you may have the opportunity to be responsible for supervising other allied health assistance workers.

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This qualification is designed to suit those individuals that are wanting to upskill in a number of management areas. The Diploma is aimed specifically for supervisors or middle managers that have a number of organisational responsibilities and management of staff. It does focus on management change, emotional intelligence, operational planning, effective leadership and many more.

They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements. They plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems and identify, analyse information from a variety of sources.

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The Diploma level qualifications is suited to community services, case management and social housing workers involved in the managing, coordinating and/or delivering of person-centred services to individuals, groups and communities.

This qualification is designed to give you the skills and knowledge at diploma level, to work with individuals or groups, to assist them in pursuing the best solutions to a diverse range of personal and social issues.

Community Services workers work in many aspects of people’s lives and may work with children and families, senior citizens, those living with disabilities, those suffering drug and alcohol dependency, those living with a mental illness, immigrants, ex-offenders or the homeless.

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This course offers Advanced Diploma qualifications to individuals who apply specialised knowledge and skills, combined with experience in leadership and management, across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Individuals at this level use initiative and judgement to plan and implement a range of leadership and management functions, with accountability for personal and team outcomes within broad parameters. They use cognitive and communication skills to identify and analyse information from a variety of sources and transfer their knowledge to others. They demonstrate creative or conceptual skills to express ideas and perspectives and respond to complex problems.

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As a care worker do you know how to measure blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration? Do you know how to interpret the results of a urinalysis or blood glucose level?

Our Clinical Skills workshop has been developed to give care workers the clinical observation skills and knowledge to support their client’s physical health.

This ½ day  program will cover;

  • TPR - temperature, pulse and respiration
  • BP - blood pressure
  • urinalysis
  • blood glucose levels

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This training is aimed at support workers in community services to assist with caring for people with complex needs in disability.

This program will cover;

  • Enteral feeding - types, diagnosis needed, physiology, feeding / supporting, nutritional needs, role of multidisciplinary team, supporting & troubleshooting.
  • Bowel management - anatomy, Common bowel problems, the neurogenic bowel , autonomic dysreflexia, goals of bowel care, methods of bowel evacuation.
  • Epilepsy - physiology of epilepsy, types of seizures, management, documentation, and medications.

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This Full Day Workshop facilitated by Meredith Kirkpatrick is focused on basic wound assessment.

This program will cover:

  • common wound presentations - such as lower leg
  • ulceration, skin tears, diabetic foot
  • which dressing and why

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Buildings and environments can have a significant effect on a person with dementia, their environment can either support or accelerate their deterioration. People with dementia find it hard to interpret their surroundings and over time become more frail and less agile, so making sense of an environment is a huge task for a person with dementia.

This workshop will cover;

  • How the experience of dementia relates to design Creating familiar spaces
  • Designing secure units Gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Activities to engage people with dementia

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We offer a 3 hour non-accredited epilepsy and midazolam training session. The aim of this program is to develop an understanding of epilepsy and the importance of using the drug Midazolam as an emergency intervention for some types of seizures. As Midazolam is a very potent drug, safe and best practices are essential.

Our education sessions are designed around industry relevant legislation and practices. We request a copy of your Epilepsy / Midazolam Administration Policy where available, prior to training delivery. This provides a continuum of information for your staff that will result in safe work practices and positive client outcomes.

Program outline

  • Epilepsy - causes, classifications of seizures, triggers, medications, planning and documentation, SUDEP
  • Midazolam – overview, basic pharmacology, administration in emergency, authority to administer, legal considerations

This program is only available to community services organisation upon request. For more details or to get a quote, please contact our office on (02) 4961 0016.


This program is designed for support workers in the community services sector and focuses on:

  • Implementing and sustaining a Palliative Approach in residential and community aged care services
  • Advance Care Planning – supporting and documenting quality of life choices
  • Practical Pain Assessment, evaluating and reporting efficacy of interventions Common Symptoms seen at end of life with advanced chronic disease and/or dementia
  • Medications for symptom management at end of life, Morphine titration and delivery options.
  • End of Life Pathway – benefits, limitations and practical application Challenges in Care - The futility of trying to hasten death under family pressure

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Online General Interest Programs

These online non accredited programs are delivered by ed2go, Essential Skills Training & Recruitment does not facilitate these programs. Each participant will have an online student portal to manage their enrolment in these courses.


This Skill Set reflects the role of individuals working as developing and emerging leaders in a range of contexts.

Leadership often begins at the team leader level across a wide range of enterprise and industry contexts. Team leaders communicate effectively, ensure team performance and develop effective relationships in the workplace. Across the breadth of industry, team leaders are responsible for implementing operational plans.

There are 4 units of competency in this skill set;

  • BSBLDR401 Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
  • BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships
  • BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
  • BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan

These can be used as credit towards the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.


This course is also available online. Enrol at anytime! Students can submit/upload their assessments via our online learning management system. Support will be given via ZOOM web conference sessions and/or monthly phone support with a dedicated trainer.

Cost: $600

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