Group Training for Community Services

Essential Skills has a range of programs available for community services organisations to suit the needs of your business and team.

These programs have been developed to assist in skill development for organisations, to improve the quality of service delivery and assist in meeting your registration compliance requirements. Programs can be delivered on site or your staff can come to us in Warabrook. 

A number of these programs have the option of a practical skills checklist which can be delivered as part of the training program. Copies of the completed checklists are provided to the organisation as evidence of skills demonstrated.

Sessions have a maximum of 20 participants. If you choose a skills checklist, group sizes are limited to 10 participants to allow for assessment of each individual.

Available Programs

ProgramDurationSkills Checklist
Bowel Care2 hoursYes – Administer suppository and enema safely.
Duration increases to 3.5 hours.
Enteral Feeding P.E.G2 hoursYes – Using a feeding pump correctly.
Duration increases to 4 hours.
Severe Dysphagia Management2 hoursYes – Safe food prep and testing for Dysphagia
Duration increases to 3.5 hours.
Stoma Care2 HoursYes – Changing an ostomy bag competency
Duration increases to 3.5 hours
Medication Awareness2 HoursYes – Administer Oral Medications from Webster Pack, Oral Liquids or Inhalers.
Duration increases to 3.5 hours
Elder Abuse – compulsory reporting2 hoursNo
Changed Behaviour2 hoursNo
Nutrition & Hydration2 hoursNo
Infection Control2 hoursYes – Handwashing
Duration increases to 3 hours.
Diabetes2 hoursYes – Taking a blood glucose level.
Using and Insulin Pen.
Duration increases to 3.5 hours.
Clinical Skills3 hoursYes – Temperature, Blood pressure & Urinalysis.
Mandatory Training3 hoursNo
Epilepsy and Midazolam Seizure Emergencies2 hoursYes – Administer Buccal Midazolam.
Duration increases to 3.5 hours.
Recognising Delirium2 hoursNo
Understanding the Aged Care Standards2 hoursNo
Catheter Care3 hoursYes – Emptying a catheter bag & changing a catheter bag.
Duration increases to 3.5 hours.
Basic wound care2 hoursNo
End of life care2 hoursNo
Pain and changed behaviour2 hoursNo
Neuro-Degenerative Conditions4 hoursNo

There is also the option to undertake the theory training via our online programs. On completion of that training the practical skills assessment workshop would be delivered. To view our list on online courses: https://essentialskills.com.au/online-courses/

Call our office on (02) 4961 0016 or email info@essentialskills.com.au for a quote or discuss your business needs.

We are continuously adding to our program offerings, if there is something that we do not have, that your organisation requires, please reach out as it could be currently in development.