How we assist Job Active Providers

Our courses and recruitment services support job active providers by providing quality training with a much higher than average completion rate.

We provide :

  • Quality training options to support job active providers
  • We can find the funding to support the job actives to get their job seekers into quality training and employment.
  • Assistance for employers to understand wage/employment subsidies available for participants that come through from a job active provider.


We have a robust training program that brings new and excited workers into the community services sector. Essential Skills Training and Recruitment do not just look for work experience placements,  we look for opportunities for our students with local employers who are looking to recruit. This allows our students not only the opportunity to learn new skills but are given the opportunity to shine with local employers in pursuit of quality staff.

With all of our recruitment programs we ensure that we give our students the hands on experience needed… we provide the students with real life experiences from the industry to prepare them for their future.

For more information on how our recruitment programs and how we can partner with you for great results, call our office on (02) 4961 0016.


We have a network of amazing employers always looking for eager and reliable people to bring into their organisations.

Employers look to us to reduce the administrative burden of recruitment, we are the point of contact between all parties involved in the process (Employer, Job Active, RTO and participant).

If you have participants looking for a real employment opportunity call us today to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.