Paying for your investment

Make it easy with small regular payments through a payment plan with Debit Success. 

If you would like to pay your course fees off in fortnightly or monthly instalments so that the payments are smaller and more manageable, a direct debit payment plan will be arranged through our third party provider – Debitsuccess Pty Ltd (ABN 32 095 551 581).  Debitsuccess is a wholly owned subsidiary of TSG Holdings (AUST) No.2 Pty Ltd ABN 89 608 821 281 and a related company of Transaction Services Holdings Limited ARBN 125 664 860 (‘TSHL’).

Through Debitsuccess, the course payments will be direct debited from a bank account or credit card according to the agreed frequency until all course fees are paid. To arrange this please let our friendly staff know at the time of enrolment.

Please note, a $200 enrolment fee will be required upfront and there will be an additional cost of; a one off $12 administration fee and 4% of the course fee, these fees and other fees that may be charged by Debitsuccess are outlined in the table below.

FeeAmountWhen Payable
 Administration $12.00Once  only  when  Product  is  first established
Additional Fees4% of the course feesFee is included in your weekly/fortnightly payment plan
ReversalUp to $15On the Dishonour of a payment
Debt Collection*$50 plus 25% of full outstanding balance.For example, if your outstanding balance was $200, the Debt Cancellation Fee owing, in addition to the outstanding contract balance of $200, will be $100 (comprising $50 plus 25% of the remaining balance (i.e. 25% of $200).On cancellation of the product due to your failure to pay the required amounts under your customer/membership contract resulting in the referral of your account to Debt Collection.

This fee will only be charged if Debitsuccess provides Debt Collection Services to the business providing goods or services to you. If this is the case, the terms relating to Debt Collection Services set out in your customer/membership agreement will also apply.