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That’s easy for you to say!

Posted On October 28, 2022 • No Comments

Curiosity = Knowledge & Knowledge = Power

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We start a learning journey with great expectations looking forward to the goal we have that will be realised through our hard effort.

As we start doing the work, making the effort life can get in the way…

Stress levels build, we can be drawn into self-doubt, emotions run high, and our expectation are dashed on the rocks of anxiety and fear of failure. All of us do have a secret super weapon, that can carry us through these tough times, simply put it is your curiosity.

The reality is that when you are learning new things you will be out of your comfort zone, and that is where the learning happens.

So, when we are thinking, I’ve never done this, or how am I supposed to answer this question, the solution can be found in the simple idea, don’t be stressed, anxious and afraid, just be curious!

Curiosity can help you manage problematic feelings that get in the way of learning however to embrace curiosity you have to make a choice. Rather than allowing the way you feel to dictate your actions and beliefs one must choose to deny those feelings, put them away and simply choose to be curious.

Practically that means if I’m stuck, I’ll ask for help, if don’t understand a word or a term I’ll do some research till I do understand, and/ or I’ll use the resource I’ve been given.

So as each new question emerges, I will not embrace my feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and stress, rather I will be curious. Over time your curiosity will provide you with new Knowledge, that growing knowledge will empower you to realise your goal and your super weapon against dealing with the hard work you must do will be your curiosity!

Curiosity did not kill the cat, it made the cat wiser…..

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