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Effective leadership – is it successful and does it work?

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Effective leadership is about leading your team in the same direction as you would like your organisation to go! It’s about having a team that wants to follow and wants to be part of your organisation.

To be an effective leader you need to firstly know your team, what are their strengths? How can they benefit your organisation? What are the areas that need to be built on how we can encourage our staff to grow within and enhance their career?

How do you know when you have an effective team?

You know when you have an effective team and effective leadership when you identify a team of high performing staff. A team of staff that are willing to support each other that have a manager that is open and transparent and that will always lead by example.

Being in management and having learnt from some of the best I have found that if you want an effective team than it is imperative that you  are present, and when I mean present, I mean being involved knowing what your staff know, being able to support your staff when needed and empowering them, not disempowering them. Influencing your staff to meet those goals and appreciating them at the start of each day and the end of each day, having a team that want to come to work each day because it’s a great place to work.

A couple of key factors in being an effective manager that I have found to always work for me;

  • Be the person to lift your staff’s spirit, thank them and mean it, find their qualities then reward and empower them.
  • Be Honest and Up front, your employees want integrity from their managers they want someone that is going to tell them the areas for improvement and the areas that where they shine
  • Create an atmosphere where staff can speak up, feel comfortable coming to their manager and talking to them about work related issues or ideas and know that there is no implications. Creating a work atmosphere where people are so positive and want to succeed are involved in making changes or working smarter to evolve in the forever changing climate we live in
  • I believe that being an effective manager you need to know your stuff! And knowing your stuff means getting to understand the roles of your team, live in their shoes for a day if you haven’t been there before, we talk about respect but you also need to gain this respect from your team to receive the respect back, never ask a team member to do something that you yourself will never do!
  • Finally my very last tip! COMMUNICATE! Make your life and the lives of others so much easier! But to communicate is to listen and to become a good listener you need to learn to focus. It’s simple, it’s effective and it works. I love being a manager for these reasons and I enjoy teaching other managers so they too can empower and grow talent within.

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