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How Aged Care Managers are stamping out bullying and harassment with these 3 simple strategies

Posted On August 16, 2022 • No Comments

Workplaces right across Australia are dealing with the bullying and harassment epidemic – with aged care and disability services no exception. This unseen and under-reported phenomenon is costing the aged care and disability industries dearly through personal loss of well-being, and corporate loss of skilled and passionate human resources.

Having an in-house problem with bullying may not affect recruitment (at first), but in terms of retaining the best staff, it’s often one of the big reasons why our back door is bigger than the front.

So now Managers across both sectors are joining the effort to stamp out bullying and harassment in our caring professions – and here’s three simple strategies that are working on the ground:

  1. Awareness: Targeted training in this area triggers and normalises open conversations about bullying and harassment, quickly moving the topic from taboo to talking point. Greater awareness reduces the intimidation factor often associated with under-reporting – which means more issues can be directly addressed by managers, rather than going unseen.
  1. Rostering: Your roster is about more than who is filling the gap that day. Your roster is about who is setting the tone among the staff on that shift; it’s about who is carrying the culture that you want to perpetuate in your organisation. So be intentional with rostering. We must take into account each person’s skills and experience – but let’s also consider how we position people who have a stronger and positive influence on team dynamics.
  1. Leverage Online Resource: Many facilities are also leveraging online training to allow greater engagement, accessibility and a far-reaching impact. With such a sensitive issue it’s also often easier for people to access these materials in the privacy of the online environment.

It is possible to create an open and positive work culture – if we are intentional around management strategies for bullying and harassment. This is one epidemic that can be cured.

Do you or your organisation need training in understanding your requirements around bullying and harassment in the workplace? Check out our online discrimination, bullying and harassment course.

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