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Why we train in community services: Our top 5 results direct from the student data

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Our top 5 results direct from the student data

We’ve happily clicked over the 10 year mark at Essential Skills Training and Recruitment. And with each significant milestone, we love to reflect on what’s at the heart of our business. So what really motivates us to get out of bed each morning (some with more spring in our step than others!)? Why do we do what we do in the community services training industry?

When it all boils down, everything we do is about empowering others. Our whole business model is centred around creating opportunities, and connecting people with opportunities that can change their world.

Yes, it can be tough to keep the passion alive when we’re knee-deep in preparing training materials, navigating online learning, or organising face-to-face venues, but we love doing it! And it’s all worthwhile when you get results like these, taken from the NSW VET student outcomes snapshot:

So why would you choose Essential Skills to deliver your training, or to support your team through training? Here’s the real results that will take your career to the next level, and grow you personally as well…

Real Benefits for work

Ever wasted time or money on training that just didn’t deliver on what it suggested? Here, we’re dedicated to providing real field experts in your training, so you can get as ‘real’ an experience as possible. 80% of our students achieved one or more benefits that directly impacted employment.

Experience personal wins

Training isn’t just a one-track ride. We’re focused on delivering training with a holistic approach. We take into account your personal strengths, while challenging you as part of the growth process. And it works – almost all of those surveyed experienced one or more personal benefits.

Find the community services career you’re looking for

For career changers and those returning to the workforce, you want certainty that the course you study will give you genuine career options at the end. The good news? 93% of our students surveyed achieved their main reason for training through an Essential Skills course.

Get relevant training:

Ever wasted good dollars on irrelevant training? Our qualified and specialist trainers know how to deliver relevant skills to get you work-ready and employable. In fact, 97% of our students surveyed were employed in the field that matched their training.

Support to get you through to the end:

We have an 87% non-dropout rate – because we believe in you enough to see it through. 

Look, our students are the real heroes here. We have students who’ve stuck at things through thick and thin, and each one is a true legend. Study is not a walk in the park, but when the chips are down, we’re not about to leave anyone to go it alone.

Want more good news?

All of our results are above average for other NSW Smart & Skilled VET providers, which means we’re leading the pack in terms of quality training that can get you ahead.

If you’ve got a goal in mind and you need training to help you get there, we’d love to talk more about the options available to you and how we can empower you to achieve the career you’re aiming for. Get in touch today.

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