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Thinking of Studying Again? Read This First…

Posted On May 6, 2018 • No Comments

Are you thinking of heading back for study? There’s a lot of questions that might be rolling around your brain. First there’s the obvious, ‘which course?’; and then ‘will this course get me where I want to go?’; or from a practical viewpoint ‘will there be a job for me on the other side?’. So before you dive in, read this to see if you’re ready for what further study could mean for you.

The fact is, higher education is not a fixed pathway anymore. Once upon a time you did school, then uni or tech, and then you worked until retirement. Not today. Now the possibilities and pathways are endless. Let’s take Certificate III in Individual Support for example. It might mean job security at first, but it’s also a launchpad into the big, wide world of aged care. Just because you start somewhere, you don’t have to end there.You may start the journey and discover a hidden passion or an untapped talent along the way.

Because of the myriad of learning opportunities within aged care, reinventing traditional pathways is the new normal. You could pursue community work, get more hands on with Care Coordination or Program Coordination, or even leadership roles like Registered Nurse, or Service Manager.

“I thought I’d work with kids forever, but when I started working with older people I realised that this is my passion,” says Esther (now working in her own business as a trainer), “It’s taken me from an entry-level position, through to rural and remote work, rehabilitation, and now training and specialising in aged care education. I never thought the possibilities were as big as they really are”.

If you’re thinking of studying again, don’t be limited by the title of the qualification in front of you. No matter where you begin, the sky’s the limit as far as where it could take you. Dive in today!

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