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Turning weakness (challenge) into opportunity

Posted On March 7, 2023 • No Comments

Quite often the things that challenge us in our life’s journey can present an opportunity to develop great strength.

The interesting thing about our character is that often each trait we have has two sides, a bit like a coin.

The Chinese culture is rich with powerful sayings, for example;

Crisis is Opportunity | A Crisis is a chance

Perhaps your self-talk speaks to you of sadness or fear, a prevalent sense that you are a failure or pretender, and that people can see through you.

You might live in a place of overwhelming depression or anxiety; the good news is that things don’t have to be that way.

Our journey to overcome these challenges must include professional support if required along with our conviction, determination, and courage.

My journey through life has included diagnosis of mood disorders.

Now I have realised that often weakness or challenge does represent opportunity. By understanding my diagnosed mental illness and owning it as part of who I am, I have learnt about my own character and realised that I’m not trapped by the way I feel.

Whatever it is that you are challenged by, or whatever you consider to be a weakness (challenge), in your own character remember it is and opportunity to grow new strength!

Any negative emotion/thought we feel has another side, our suffering can promote an understanding of others, our own fear can teach us the value of courage and choosing to face the troubling things that plague us will improve our journey through life.

New insight comes from new knowledge and new knowledge brings new understanding. With that the potential of opportunity can be realised.

If you are needing the support of people and if this article has stirred powerful and unwanted feelings, please note these numbers where you can reach out for help.

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

NSW Mental Health Line: 1800 011 511

Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 726 306

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