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Disability and Aged Care jobs – The number of Aged and Disabled Carers is expected to grow from 175,800 in 2018 to 245,000 by 2023.

What jobs are available?

If you have never worked in community services then you should consider an entry level position such as a;

These roles provide care, supervision and support for older people and people with disabilities in their home, in residential facilities or out and about in the community. These roles are the face of any community services organisation and add so much joy and value to the lives of the people they support.

If you want a job that makes a difference in peoples lives every day, start here!

There is more tan disability and aged care jobs, once you are in the community services sector the sky is the limit.

There is so many different job opportunities and career pathways to choose from.

Have a listen to one of our trainers talking about her experience and some of your options. It’s a great big world out there!

Is this the right industry for me?

aged care jobs

Are you…..

  • Interested in people?
  • Caring and compassionate?
  • A good communicator?
  • Eager to learn?
  • Able to support others in your team?
  • Fit and healthy with no back problems for physically demanding work?

If you answered Yes to all of these questions then Community Services needs people like you!

Where can my career in community services take me?

Select a career path below to see what opportunities await and how to get there.

Where do I start?

Right Here! We want to connect you with employers looking for talented staff for their organisation.

Lets look at your options…..

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support is the entry level qualification for support work in Aged Care, Home Care and Disability.

If you want to work in a Nursing Home you will need to have this qualification before they employ you. If you are looking at Home Care or Disability you will be seen as someone who is ready to hit the ground running.

This is the direct pathway into community services and because there is a work experience component in this qualification you have the opportunity to test out your skills and impress your work experience host. You might even pick up a job out of it! Happens all the time, on average 8/10 of our students are offered employment by their work experience host.

The other option is entry through a Recruitment Program. These are programs developed for a specific employer/s that are looking for new staff. They are aimed at bringing new people into the industry.

In this program we carefully select a group of people who applied for the program. They acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed to work in the community services sector through classroom based training (3-4 weeks). Then they complete work experience (2-3 weeks) to see if they like the job and for the employer to see them in action.

On completion of the training program the employer offer’s positions to those participants that impressed them and they go on to complete the remainder of their entry level qualification via a traineeship so they can study whilst getting paid!

All participants that successful complete the training program receive a Statement of Attainment for the training completed so it can be used as credit towards future study. So they can go on to complete the rest of the qualification and apply for jobs with their full qualification.

If you already have a qualification and you are seeking employment join our Community Services Jobs page on Facebook. This is updated constantly with new opportunities from our trusted employers.